Our Story

Wendy S. (Founder) resides with her husband and five children in the state of Virginia. She was born and raised in the Netherlands and being exposed to using natural ingredients throughout her life, She was always amazed how many chemicals the USA uses on a daily bases.


One of her sons suffered from severe eczema, after trying out steroids, which helped out a lot, they realized that it had completely bleached their skin out.


During the next 2 years Wendy became adamant about finding a NATURAL solution to heal our sons eczema. She Researched articles from all over the world, and discovered methods and herbs she never even knew existed.


After 2 years of trying different formulas, using amazing ingredients and infusing different herbs she discovered a formula  that cleared up her sons eczema within 4 days.


After their amazing eczema balm discovery, She found her self reading stories of people who struggle with eczema and most people searching desperately for an alternative solution. Right there and then Wendy decided to start sharing their discovery with the world and DermaWonders.com was born.

Handcrafted     100% All Natural     Amazing Results

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